Marine, Cargo & Hull Insurance

Marine Cargo Insurance

Insurance that helps you move with the times.

Marine Cargo Insurance protects your business from the multiple risks you are exposed to when transporting goods. If you’re the business owner whose stock is being transported or the courier transporting the goods, it’s important to know that you’re covered from start to end. 

Whether your cargo is being transported via water, road, rail, air or being held in storage, there are different many different factors and risks to take into consideration when it comes to insuring your goods. You deserve to know your cargo will be protected.

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Marine Hull, Machinery and Liability Insurances

Business isn’t always smooth sailing

Commercial Vessel Owners, Operators and Charterers all require specialised insurance to manage natural exposures, man-made risks and damage arising from the actions of Masters, Officers and Crew.

Flexible solutions to protect your vessel and activities whether they are harbourside, inland, coastal or worldwide – we can even help marine service and repair industries.

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