Surety Bonds & Trade Credit

Reassurance in times of doubt.

Surety Bonds

As an alternative to cash deposits and bank guarantees, secure your performance and other contract related obligations without having to provide tangible or collateral security.

Most bond providers are accepted as equal to a bank, while being more flexible in response to your needs. Knightcorps knowledge and expertise in Surety Bonds enables us to source bonding solutions for your business.

Trade Credit

Trade Credit Insurance protects your debtor’s ledger, which we see as one of the largest assets a business can carry. Even the most disciplined credit management processes cannot prevent bad debts, and businesses should ensure they are protected with Trade Credit Insurance.

Self-insurance or a bad debt reserve of cash won’t replace monies lost, whereas Trade Credit Insurance puts cash back in your hands to help mitigate the loss.

At Knightcorp, we’ve established many options with leading Trade Credit Insurance providers in both Australia and New Zealand.

Knightcorp has the knowledge and depth of expertise combined with multiple insurance markets to arrange the right protection, at an affordable cost. Contact us today to discuss your options for Trade Credit Insurance.

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