So, your property has been damaged by an earthquake. Now what?


So, your property has been damaged by an earthquake. Now what?

In the instance that your home or business has been damaged in an earthquake, you might be feeling a little rattled and overwhelmed with what to do. The most important thing to know is not to enter a damaged building until it has been checked over by emergency crews. 

We care about your safety and have put together the following information as a guide to help you understand what your next steps are. 

The Property:

Where a property has been significantly damaged and you require help, call your State Emergency Services on 132 500.

For a comprehensive list of your states available services please click here. In a life-threatening emergency please call 000.

In the instance a property is not safe to enter you may need to find alternative accommodation. 

Be mindful of fallen power lines and debris. Notify your local electricity provider of any fallen power lines immediately and stay at least 8m away. 

If your property has not suffered any visible damage, still carry out a careful inspection of the property including basements, stairwells, attics, and the exterior, looking for any cracks or bulges in the structure, damage to exposed beams, evidence of foundation movement, and even take note of any doors or windows that won't close properly. 

In the instance of loss of power, use a torch when entering the property, never use matches, lighters, or naked flames as there could be a potential gas leak. 


If your electricity, gas, and water supplies are disrupted you will need to notify your providers as soon as possible. Ensure they are checked and tested by a licensed technician before using. 

Clearing and Cleaning: 

Your health and safety is the main priority so ensure you are wearing strong boots or enclosed shoes, gloves, protectie clothing, and wash your hands and clothes regularly. Be mindful of anything above you which could fall. 


If your pet is missing, carefully look around the property as they could be trapped or hiding. 

Claiming on your Insurance:

Take photographs as you go through the property before moving any debris for insurance purposes. This will greatly assist in the claims process.

Call your Broker who will advise you of the next steps.

Stay Informed:

Staying informed after an earthquake is imperative as there is a high chance of aftershocks, power outages, and damage to civil infrastructure such as roads and bridges.

Listen to your local authorities as your safety is their priority. 

Twitter: @EarthquakesGA


Speak to your local emergency services and listen to local ABC radio. 


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