Bye to the Tie


World famous entrepreneur and tie loather Sir Richard Branson takes every opportunity he can to snip away at a tie.  Wayde Knight from Knightcorp was on the receiving end of this playful stunt! We asked Wayde how he felt following his tie removal;

Sir Richard Branson has always been a great inspiration to me as I am sure he has also been to many of you. His philosophy on corporate attire and distaste of the traditional tie is one that I am still not entirely convinced on, that being said I am still willing to adopt his gesture and give it a go.  Always being dressed to impress and setting a corporate standard is something that I have regarded very highly so this will not be an easy habit to kick, it is also a trait that like most was handed down to me through generations and is widely accepted and respected in the business world.

In full spirit of the great “Barney Stinson” I love nothing more than waking up each morning and deciding how I would like to "Suit Up" for the day but I do wonder if the days are upon us where casual attire is slowly becoming more and more accepted in the world of corporates.

For us in the office we are interested to see if Sir Richard's stunt has snipped Wayde's tie habits for good... maybe we should keep a pair of scissors handy. 

This isn't the first time Wayde has met with Sir Branson,  watch Richard's video message to the Knightcorp team here


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