Christmas Chaos - Our Claims Team Has You Covered This Festive Season


santa on the roof

It is officially the silly season!

For most, it is the best time of year! We are eating and drinking too much, taking holidays, relaxing and celebrating with family and friends.

Many businesses close down, people leave their homes unattended and unfortunately this comes with an increase in claims over the festive season.

While many people will be winding down for the big day, it is a very business period for us and we are here to help you.

Here are a few examples of Christmas crackers that have occurred before and will no doubt be on the cards again this year. Here’s to you only experiencing peace, good tidings and a perfectly cooked turkey. But if not, we can help return a little of the joy.   

1.     If the cheap Christmas lights prove to be more orange flame than coloured light, our claims team is here to help arrange a new lounge room (complete with tree and lights).

2.     Proposing on Christmas Day with a gold ring is popular. But if the ring is a little too big for your fiance’s finger and it ends up down the kitchen drain with the remnants of lunch, our claims team can help organise a replacement faster than you can decide on the date of the big day.

3.     If you are on your way down south and the caravan axle breaks because someone didn’t remember to service it since last year, our claims team can help with the tow and repair so you can get on with enjoying your holiday.

4.     If you leave the window unlocked because it’s hot in the kitchen and some not so nice elves help themselves to your Christmas presents, we’ll be sure to organise the good elves to replace them.

5.     If the heavy sleigh and prancing little hooves on your roof cause the ceiling to collapse, our claims team can organise the cleanup and repair.

6.     If you have been good this year, Santa may have left you tickets for an overseas holiday. If you arrive to your hotel and realise you have lost your brand new camera between the airport and your hotel, our travel claims experts can help with a replacement camera so you don’t miss out on anymore happy snaps.

7.     Instead of good tidings, you experience tides of water flowing through the front door from a burst water main, call our claims team for assistance with the mop up and new floor coverings.   

8.     If you have all the relatives over for Christmas lunch, you’re unlikely to find any peace particularly when the cricket match game ball connects with the glass window. Call our claims team and we will help with the emergency glazier’s bill.

9.     If your work Christmas party ends with nine ladies dancing (on the boardroom table) and you find yourself needing a new table and some help with the workers’ compensation forms, our claims team is on hand.

10.    If the barbeque is positioned just a little too close to the fence and the pork does a crackling good job on the boundary fence, we’ll help you get it sorted before your neighbour returns from holidays.

11.  It might not be Cyclone Tracey but if your not-so-nice niece causes just as much damage at your place, give us a call and we’ll make sure Santa knows about it.

12.  You promise to take the kids for a boat ride, but you don’t get further than the end of the ramp because you forgot the bungs, give us a call. We can help with organising your boat’s retrieval operation.

So there you have it, 12 disasters averted sometime during the 12 days of Christmas craziness.      

If you need to report your Christmas chaos, the Knightcorp claims team will be available on 1300 656 001 throughout the festive period. We’ll be expecting the unexpected.

Merry Christmas everyone!

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