Merry Christmas from the Knightcorp Team


Merry Christmas from the Knightcorp Team

Every year the Knightcorp team celebrates Christmas with a highly anticipated surprise party, and this year was no exception. In the weeks leading up to the event, the team received clues surrounding the theme, dress code (red, white and green) and activities for the day. 

Our Christmas party gives our team an opportunity to relax and enjoy each others company after a year of hard work. We are constantly looking for unique ways to incorporate team building activities that are engaging and will create a memorable experience.

This year our day included Secret Santa, Family Feud between the teams, cooking for the visitors at Tranby Homeless Centre, followed by ending the day at the pop up Kartel Bar at Elizabeth Quay.

The Knightcorp Team Gives Back

For lunch the Knightcorp team travelled to Perth City Farm where we were greeted by Sophie, Taste Budds Cooking Studio's Head Chef. 

Once split into our teams, we received mystery boxes of ingredients with simple instructions - to cook as much food as possible and to use as many ingredients as possible in the allocated two hours.

Ema Ekic, Commercial Services Executive at Knightcorp said "It was fun being able to spend time with each other knowing it was for a common cause."

"We have a fairly competitive office so there was a lot of banter throughout the day which was pretty amusing too." Ema continued.

The proud winners of the mystery box cooking challenge.

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