Knightcorp Commissions Local Artist Anya Brock to Paint Abstract Mural


Upon moving to our new Perth CBD office, as part of our office fit out, Knightcorp commissioned local artist Anya Brock to paint an abstract mural on the boardroom wall.

Anya said that this was the first time she has been commissioned to paint an office space, and the fact that it was an abstract art piece made it even more unique. 

Using Knightcorp's trademark blue hues, Anya painted directly onto the 6.5m x 2.7m wall, and managed to produce a piece that has become a conversation starter for anyone who enters the room. 

Wayde Knight, Managing Director and Founder of Knightcorp said, "We had been going back and forth on what to do with the boardroom for weeks and it was Jess Knight, our General Manager who suggested using a local artist like Anya Brock to come up with a design for our main space.

"I was familiar with her vibrant animal prints that are her trademark style, but we ultimately decided on an abstract mural because the wall is so big we thought it wouldn't overwhelm the room."

The painting took Anya a full day to complete with the results becoming of conversation for anyone who enters the Knightcorp boardroom. 

"Every day at Knightcorp we encourage our staff to think creatively, make bold choices, to be daring, take risks and challenge the status quo and this is reflected in the artwork on our boardroom wall," said Wayde. 

"Anytime we have guests in our boardroom they always comment on the wall, it's a great conversation piece because everyone sees something different in it, and I think it inspires a bit of creativity in the minds of anyone who sees it."


Photography by: Kate Hulett

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